Soundtrack of our Lives

This was our first major brief and boy was it a good one to start off with. The outcome of the project was that we had to create three A2 posters based on three songs of our choosing. Each poster had to depict either the feelings the song evokes in us or images/pictures that we … Continue reading Soundtrack of our Lives


100 ideas in just one day

For Thursdays lesson we were asked to come in refreshed and ready to work as according to Sara it was going to be a long day... she wasn't wrong. The brief for the day was to complete 100 ideas, only having two minutes to complete each one. The idea was to show us that we … Continue reading 100 ideas in just one day


Today we all came back together after our trip to ┬áNew York and the other students week off to put together out joint zine which is comprised of a page from each person and your own front and back cover (the work for it can be seen in a previous post-critical thinking with Sara). The … Continue reading Zine

Critical Thinking (Part 2)

For Thursdays session we began by recapping what we had done on Monday. We were then given the brief which was to create the front and back cover to a fanzine called 'Thinking it & saying it' as well as a single page from it, all A5. We were also given the option to pick … Continue reading Critical Thinking (Part 2)

Screen Printing

Looking back through my blog made me realise I had missed a post about screen printing. Why? Admittedly I didn't like the prints I had made but when going to retrieve them they weren't there! The cheek of it.... On Wednesday I decided to go back to the screen printing room and create some more … Continue reading Screen Printing

Critical Thinking with Sara

For yesterdays workshop we had critical thinking with Sara which I was quite looking forward to. Critical thinking is the ability to think rationally about what to do or what to believe; for art and design I find this to be essential as you need to think logically about the effects of your work on … Continue reading Critical Thinking with Sara

Barbican visit with Emily

With a small mark making history lecture and a few marking making tools made from random objects that we found (as well as a spot of lunch), we were ready to head off to the barbican. Upon arrival we were met by Emily who gave us our brief; to draw people, places and objects, trying … Continue reading Barbican visit with Emily