DF: Draw, Draw, Draw

For the brief draw, draw, draw, we had to venture outside into the real world. The aim was to document automobiles in motion and recreate them the style of a variety of artists, as well as take pictures of buildings and recreate them using only circles. Unfortunately again I had to leave university early but … Continue reading DF: Draw, Draw, Draw


Movements Workshop 3 Part 3: Screen Printing

Not only did I do the stencil printing but I also went and did screen prints of my ¬†two designs as they were just too cool not to print! They actually turned out pretty damn well: I also did the design print in red and blue in order to create the illusion it was 3D … Continue reading Movements Workshop 3 Part 3: Screen Printing

Movements Workshop 3 Part 2: Stencil Screen Printing

For yesterdays lesson it was time to finally print out designs! Unfortunately I had read the brief wrong and produced an extremely complex design for what was a very simple task. However there's always a way around things! I created two stencils from one of the designs so that I could produce a two colour … Continue reading Movements Workshop 3 Part 2: Stencil Screen Printing


Movements Workshop 3 Part 1: Screen Printing Prep

Last Friday we had independent study, which we had to use to prep for our screen printing session last week. We had to create an A3, 2 colour design based on our movement, that we could screen print. I went straight into illustrator and began to fiddle around and create a design. I started of … Continue reading Movements Workshop 3 Part 1: Screen Printing Prep


Design Movements Research

For our first¬†lesson on our new project we all thought it was brief day! Unfortunately it was only a research task, although it will link directly with our project. We had to look at 20th century art movements and pick 3 that we felt passionate about and wanted to look into for our project. I … Continue reading Design Movements Research


Explainer Video Workshop

Tuesday's workshop was created to help us with one of our final outcomes for out Google Engage brief: the explainer video. Our task was to figure out how we were going to explain our process using a narrative video. We were given story boards and told to set out what we were going to put … Continue reading Explainer Video Workshop


Workshop – Group Exercise

For Friday we had to complete 3 slides in our small groups from Tuesdays lesson based on the post it notes we'd all created. We had to talk briefly on 3 topics and then look at what everyone else had done. My group which was made up of me, A'isha, Carlos and Samantha, chose to … Continue reading Workshop – Group Exercise