Kickstarter: Accelerator Presentation

After all our hard work on re-working the market ready brief it was now time to present the re-invented Dirty Shirts! Everyone had built on their previous ideas and it was really interesting to see how it they had developed as they had become fuller in what the product was. Of course we had more … Continue reading Kickstarter: Accelerator Presentation


Kickstarter: Screen Printing

For our kickstarter idea we changed the original idea of hand painting the t-shirts with acrylic paint to screen printing them, as it is less time consuming and we can always produce a simple and sharp design. On Thursday we went into the screen printing room with our designs done by our illustrators Sam and … Continue reading Kickstarter: Screen Printing

Market Ready: Accelerator 2016

Yesterday was the day, our final presentations for our market ready brief. I think everyone was anxious but thankful that it was coming to the end. Everyones presentations had been improved upon and some were in depth and amazing such as Neat stationary who had samples and business cards, they even wore name badges: Our … Continue reading Market Ready: Accelerator 2016

Market Ready: Development

In order to present our idea at accelerator we must of course first develop it. Everyone had different task within the group in order to make the final presentation come together. We had to look into process of designing and painting, creating the logo, costing and audience. We comprised all of this onto Google slides … Continue reading Market Ready: Development

Market Ready: Presentations

For todays lesson we were tasked with presenting our product ideas to the class in order to let everyone know what we were about. We not only had to present to the class but to Ricardo and Sara as well in order to gain feedback so we could alter and improve on our presentations.¬† We … Continue reading Market Ready: Presentations