Pastiche 1560: Construction and Outcome

The brief requires that the final outcome must be constructed in Adobe Premier pro, so.... Premier it is! I want my pictures on screen long enough for you to be able to take a look at who it is and read the word below them; the word tends to be the first thing your eyes … Continue reading Pastiche 1560: Construction and Outcome


Pastiche 1560: Emin, Serrano, Clark

Last but certainly not least, the final 3 artists are Tracey Emin, Andres Serrano and Larry Clark; Emin known for her chaotic artwork, Serrano known for his blasphemy and Clark for unusual film productions. All these artists are criticised for their work as its quite out of the ordinary. All three have been attacked by critics and the public for … Continue reading Pastiche 1560: Emin, Serrano, Clark

Pastiche 1560: Hirst, Evaristti, Cerny

The next 3 artists I have decided to do are Damien Hirst, Marco Evaristti and David Cerny; Hirst known for his skulls, Evaristti known for his torture of animal and Cerny for his vulgar statues. All these artists are criticised for their work as it tends to be vulgar, indecent and risqué; all three have been attacked by the public … Continue reading Pastiche 1560: Hirst, Evaristti, Cerny

Pastiche 1560: Abramovic, Yu, Koons

The first 3 artists I have chosen are Marina Abramovic, Zhu Yu and Jeff Koons; Abramovic known for her performance art, Yu known for is cannibalism contemporary art and Koons for his kitsch designs. All three are criticised for their work in some way or another and all have felt the wrath of the public. … Continue reading Pastiche 1560: Abramovic, Yu, Koons

Pastiche 1560: Development 2

After finally deciding what artist to inspire my video it was time to begin putting it together and creating the images in Fairey's style. It was actually quite hard trying to figure out how he did it and how to re-create it. Upon looking at the poster in detail I figured out that he uses … Continue reading Pastiche 1560: Development 2

Pastiche 1560: Research and Development

Originally I was going to base my project on Brian Bolland as I've grown up with his work and he's had a massive influence on me. However I tend to always go down that route (as I love Batman if you didn't know), so have decided to go for someone different that still has an influence … Continue reading Pastiche 1560: Research and Development