Map of Me: Walk-through Video

Of course you can't create an app without a walkthrough so people can see just how it works. For my walkthrough I decided that having the creator in it might make it a little more appealing and human to those downloading it or wanting to learn more as just watching instructions on a screen can … Continue reading Map of Me: Walk-through Video


Map of Me: Construction and Final App

Constructing the app wasn't an extremely difficult task as I already had an idea in mind of how I wanted it to look. The bulk of the app itself was constructed in MarvelApp (font, shapes, symbols) with my own logo, photos and some other symbols being added in order to flesh it out and bring … Continue reading Map of Me: Construction and Final App

Map of Me: Photo Day 1

Of course for my app I need images of the buildings the people are going to visit (not taken from Google), so I had to venture back out in the world and take pictures of the 6 locations featured on my app: Somerset House Bridge of Aspiration Senate House Library The Savoy Covent Garden The … Continue reading Map of Me: Photo Day 1


Map of Me: Creating the Map

Coming up with the idea to add a map wasn't a hard process, finding and placing the building locations was. After going out and deciding what buildings I wanted to do, it was time to now place them on my google map. I first spent all my time writing out the postcodes on my break … Continue reading Map of Me: Creating the Map


Map of Me: Development 3

I think I'd rushed into my design and set up of the app a little too quickly, so went back and had a re-think as to how it was going to be set up, due to the fact that the N, S, W, E idea wouldn't work because a big portion of the buildings are … Continue reading Map of Me: Development 3


Map of Me: Development 2

After deciding on what my app idea was going to be it was now time to start developing it properly. I started off by looking into what building I would have on my app, as some of course had to be the unconventional view that not everyone would see. I knew quite a few almost … Continue reading Map of Me: Development 2


Map of Me: Development

When doing an app I want to do something that not many people think about doing, something that they tend to forget but could make them in awe of the world around them. I was always taught to look up as a child because it's another world up there, the colour, the building designs, everything. … Continue reading Map of Me: Development