Google Engage: Final Explainer Video

As said in my previous Explainer Video post, it wasn't finished as I needed to add the audio in order to make it complete and give the message that I ultimately wanted. So now it is finally finished and can be seen below! I think it does do my campaign justice, despite my appalling English … Continue reading Google Engage: Final Explainer Video


Google Engage: Development 5

As said in the last post, it was now time to go into After Effects and add movement. I didn't want to add a lot as it would distract from the message of the poster; I chose to have the pictogram fade in, with the big question following and then writing and QR code pop … Continue reading Google Engage: Development 5

Google Engage: Development 4

After the crit I understood that the posters themselves were too simple, they needed to have some movement and some more variety┬áin order to grab peoples attention. After re-working them to make sure that the sizes of all the posters were in proportion and that the lines were at the same heights on all posters, … Continue reading Google Engage: Development 4

Google Engage Crit

Last Friday we had our studio crit to see where everyone was at and how they were going about their projects. It was really amazing to see how far everyone had come and how broad the spectrum of ideas was. There was everything from Carlos's idea to close the cultural gap, to Oliver's 3D portrayal … Continue reading Google Engage Crit

Explainer Video Workshop

Tuesday's workshop was created to help us with one of our final outcomes for out Google Engage brief: the explainer video. Our task was to figure out how we were going to explain our process using a narrative video. We were given story boards and told to set out what we were going to put … Continue reading Explainer Video Workshop

Google Engage: Development 3

After talking with Sara about where to go, as I was stuck, she suggested adding some colour (as always) to give it a certain 'je ne sais quoi' because the black and white image wasn't very eye catching, it didn't stand out greatly or grab attention. I completely agreed with this idea as the posters … Continue reading Google Engage: Development 3

Google Engage: Development 2

After coming up with the ideas I thought it was time to choose one that I liked to develop. I really liked the idea of using the pictograms as they are faceless, which means you can choose to interpret their action in anyway you want, based upon how your feeling or how you mind works … Continue reading Google Engage: Development 2