CMYK print (project 2 extension)

In project 2's crit I promised to do a CMYK print of one of my symbols, as always I keep my promises. I had a very hard time choosing which symbol to do but came to this one as i liked the symmetry and the two different ages of comic. This was the original symbol: … Continue reading CMYK print (project 2 extension)


Collect, Analyse Reassemble crit

For the Collect, Analyse and Reassemble crit we were taken down to the cafe to create a mini exhibition in order to present our work. I actually loved this idea as we got to hear about everybody's work (despite the fact we ran over) rather than being split into groups and we got the opportunity … Continue reading Collect, Analyse Reassemble crit

Collect, Analyse and Reassemble

The task of this brief is exactly as the title states; collect objects or images, analyse them and then use your creative prowess to reassemble them into something cooler. Being made to think about it I now collect quite a lot of things, cinema tickets, labels, comics, lighters, games consoles, the list goes on. When … Continue reading Collect, Analyse and Reassemble