National Gallery Visit

When in London why not visit a gallery? Living here means that i've actually been to pretty much every single one but visiting an old classic can always be fun (especially when bringing friends). This time it was the national gallery (I wanted to go to Saatchi but the exhibition wasn't open...) and it wasn't … Continue reading National Gallery Visit


New York: Last day

The last day was obviously a little heartbreaking knowing you have to go back to London but I did miss home a bit. We started off with a huge breakfast and did a little more shopping for crappy souvenirs before having the epiphany of a quick visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I adore … Continue reading New York: Last day

New York: Day 3

Woke up on day three with a slight hangover but feeling good. We had a studio visit followed by an exhibition of OST UND oder WEST: Wittikugel & Stankowski. It consisted of posters, photos, displays, books and identities ranging from 1930 to present day. "The artist Klaus Wittkugel does not paint pictures nor does he … Continue reading New York: Day 3

New York: Day 2

On day two we started out at a diner called Tick Tock for breakfast. Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup is the obvious choice here. It was amazing and a pretty good start to the day. We then headed towards central park to film some of our cut ups of different shops (thankfully I got … Continue reading New York: Day 2

Critical Thinking with Sara

For yesterdays workshop we had critical thinking with Sara which I was quite looking forward to. Critical thinking is the ability to think rationally about what to do or what to believe; for art and design I find this to be essential as you need to think logically about the effects of your work on … Continue reading Critical Thinking with Sara