Personal Work

Simple and quick 10min GIF created for the TRAPHOUSE TATTOOER’s album launch party.

output_y5VEMJLord of the Rings inspired drawing based on the character Arwen. Elvish writing below reading ‘Not all who wonder are lost’:


Simple tattoo design done using pencil for a person that had passed away. First two images are the draft and the final is below it:


This was a project that my pub was part of. We were asked to design the Christmas ale badge for the public vs. publican ale competition. The design on the left was my original design which was then taken on by Trumans designer and with my input the final design on the right was formed which is now gone across the country.

Brian Bolland’s batman drawing recreated using fine liner.

‘The Killing Joke’, another Brian Bolland piece recreated using fine liner.

More Bolland pieces, the left created using Sharpie permanent marker and the left fine liner.

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A variety of Joker pieces. In order:

  • Step by step joker was created using fine liner colours as well as pencil and black ballpoint pen.
  • Bolland Joker cover image with taser on hand created using ball point pen and Winsor & Newton drawing ink.
  • ‘Why so serious’ joker created using numerous acrylic paints.
  • Set of three jokers created using (from top) coloured card, sharpie and water colour. ‘The killing joke’ comic book cover created using standard colour pencils.


Skull recreated using black biro

This was my final A-Level piece which is one that I am most proud of. It was created using matches glued to MDF wood. It worked phenomenally and still managed to look good after being burnt! Video can be seen below (excuse the swearing and skip to 0:58 if you want to miss some boring prep):

Another A-Level final piece below which was created using an anatomical skull, silver diamantes, attached using glue gun and black spray paint. It has now become a small hobby selling them; although the only difference is that people tend to have specific requirements as to what they wish the colours to be.


This is a collection of my quick drawings. It will be updated with new images each time I feel the urge to get arty.

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The amazing late and great Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 23.40.32

These are two drawings, one of the actress Laura Prepon as her character in OITNB, Alex Vause (left) and her as herself at a photoshoot. The photo below is the OITNB cast image, faceless as I cannot for the life of me do faces.


I adore Michael Jackson and his music. I saw this piece as an image on Instagram a while ago so I decide to recreate it using a simple HB pencil.